The Interior Design Business Handbook

Design creates change. Designers are therefore leaders in the progress of the world. But being a leader has challenges of its own. Today's designers are under great pressure to perform at a high level, often faster than ever before. This means designers' business procedures must complement their creativity. These procedures are key to our success - whether in developing products or services or in communicating with clients. When we use the right procedures, the business portion of our organizations can complement the creative process beautifully. 


The Challenge of Interior Design

It's time to acknowledge that interior design has evolved and can affect the way we live like no other profession. We have the training to accept this responsibility. Our work has the potential to change the way people live for generations. We can create living spaces that are healthier, support a range of human activities better, and inspire behavior that is more socially acceptable. What a challenge, and what an exciting profession we work in!

I speak from experience, I was born into this industry and have spent more than thirty years working in the design field, both as a designer and as a business consultant to other designers. This broad exposure to the  effects of design work has taught me to respect the potential of the field. 

Marketing and Client Relations

Keeping in tough with your clients is still one of the most important things you do. Whether it's a busy time or a slow time, it is critical that clients understand you are a part of their team. We must remember there is a great deal of competition out there vying for the same projects. If we want to keep our clients, we need to understand their directions and keep in touch with them on a regular basis. 

Time is a major issue today. So often the people who have the money and can afford it don't have the time to but it. Many of those who have the time don't have the money or interest or interest in buying what we have to sell. 

The key is to find what's different and then determine whether that difference is better. Market research is an important tool for the design firm, as we are dealing with such a specific market. 


Interior Design & Beyond

Mary V. Knackstedt has been helping designers achieve business success through her popular books, seminars, and business consulting work. Now, in her most important and visionary work yet, she shares a clear-sighted look at the current state of the design industry and traces the powerful socioeconomic, cultural, and technological trends that are radically transforming the role of the interior designer. In Interior Design and Beyond, Ms. Knackstedt provides a comprehensive framework and a set of powerful business tools to help design firms survive and thrive in today's business-driven globalized marketplace. She offers clear, easy-to-follow guidelines, tips, and strategies for everything from business process reengineering, organizational redesign, the learning process, and the use of information technology, to creating client/designer partnerships, tracking trends, promoting teamwork and cooperation, and much more.