Putting some ‘Wow’ in the Powder Room!

A powder room is a great place to have fun! You might think it somewhat impractical, but this could be quite an exciting showroom for your guests! Imagine their delight when they open the door to an intimately designed, personally styled area that is not to be taken for granted! I have so enjoyed incorporating some of my clients’ special interests into their powder room! One was decorated with items they collected while visiting another continent. Another featured contemporary art with fiber-optic lights further highlighted by crystals mounted atop an equally elegant and irregularly shaped mirror. In my own powder room, I integrated some of my prized artwork. It also features lighting fixtures to intrigue the visual palate!

Proper and effective lighting is certainly the key to a hospitable and inviting environment. There needs to be enough light for a lady to touch up her make-up, and just the right amount to underscore the décor. A variety of lighting is attractive and welcoming! Invite them in graciously, with the door slightly ajar and sufficiently dimmed lighting to allow for navigation. Necessities and luxuries can be blended throughout your display, perhaps with decorative hand towels, personalized soap and hand cream in artfully designed encasements. A small finishing table or tastefully situated stand for a handbag or other personal items might be appropriate as well.

A nice touch can be a vessel sink, a cabinet which is altered to accommodate the plumbing fixtures, and still provide the detail of a lovely piece of furniture, an unusual toilet or other items that might be better masked.

Be somewhat cautioned….
• Be practical with the design—not everyone might treat it as carefully as you do.
• Whatever you do, don’t ‘over do’ with perfumed scents. People prefer a clean scent as opposed to pungently flowery or fruity air fresheners.
• Make sure that whatever you install is simple enough to navigate. Turning on the water and flushing the toilet need not be mysteries for your guests to solve!